15 Things You Need to Know About Red Bull

Red Bull continues to dominate the energy drink market. The company leads in market share and produces almost 7 billion cans of its products each year. Its branding is seen across the globe at a variety of events including races, concerts, and self-produced competitions. The drink was based on an existing … Read More

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Red Bull Price and Guide 2021

Introduction of Red BullIf you were ever to need to research a company that can dominate market share, look no further than Red Bull GmbH. Red Bull GmbH produces Red Bull, the energy drink that blows all the others out of the water in terms of sales. In a rare display … Read More

Red Bull vs Monster vs 5-Hour Energy

Red Bull, Monster, and 5-Hour Energy stand alone atop the energy drink market in terms of market share and popularity. This leads to their frequent comparison and the seemingly never-ending battle with each other for the title of “best energy drink”. 5-Hour Energy often finds itself in a bit of a … Read More

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How Long Does Red Bull Last?

Red Bull has long marketed itself as the energy drink that “gives you wings.” While no one would suggest you test that theory literally, it does provide a sudden jolt of caffeinated energy. The duration of this energy surge greatly depends on the person. The effects of a Red Bull … Read More

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Bulleit Whiskey Prices 2022

IntroductionBulleit Frontier Whiskey was founded in 1987 and is quickly gaining popularity across the United States. You might already know this because of their marketing approach. By befriending bartenders, Bulleit sales quickly rose to one of the top selling brands in America. It’s widely available in both bars and liquor … Read More

Energy Drinks VS Coffee


Coffee is indisputably one of the most loved beverages. Whether you want the extra dose of energy early in the morning or need to stay awake for long at night to complete an urgent presentation, a cup of hot coffee has you covered. It is the go-to energy source for … Read More

How Energy Drinks Affect the Body

Energy drinks continue to see wild popularity despite multiple negative reports about their impacts on the body. The energy drink market, which includes brands like Monster, Red Bull, and Rockstar, trends upward with sales estimated to reach over $60 billion by 2021. The World Health Organization (WHO) has claimed that … Read More

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Monster Energy Price and Guide 2021

Introduction of Monster EnergyMonster Energy is an energy drink akin to the likes of Red Bull Energy. Created about 15 years after the formidable energy opponent, Monster-branded products have started elbowing Red Bull out of some spaces in the market to create room for itself. When you think of Monster Energy … Read More

5 Hour Energy Price and Guide 2022

Introduction of  5-Hour Energy 5-Hour Energy is a bit of an enigma. It can be hard to categorize with other energy drinks given its unusual presentation as a 1.93-ounce “shot”. While it may lack in size, the little bottle adorned by a rather comical mountain runner certainly packs a formidable, … Read More