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Do you like learning new things? Are you great at research and at digging out interesting details?  Do you have borderline OCD when it comes to getting facts correct in your articles?

Well, you just might have what it takes to write for BottledPrices.  If you’re interested, you can either send us a proposed article that you’ve already written or send us a pitch for one you think would be a good fit for BottledPrices.

For an article you’ve already written it must be:

  • accurate and factual:  This is the #1 most important rule for our site  If what you submit isn’t factual and isn’t well researched, it won’t get accepted.
  • educational and entertaining: so illustrating some interesting fact, historical event, or the like, while not reading like a dictionary.
  • written by you with none of it plagiarized from somewhere else. (note: We always double check this before accepting an article.)
  • not published elsewhere on the web. (published elsewhere in a magazine, book, or the like is OK, so long as you still own the rights to the article; please tell us if it’s been published in one of these places and where/when)

For an article pitch, please include:

  • The interesting fact or thing you’ll be covering and what angle you plan to take.
  • The title you think would work best for the article. (This title should be the subject of your email to us).
  • A rough estimate of what you think the length of the article will be.
  • Any relevant information about yourself and your experience level.  If you’ve been published elsewhere or have examples of your work, those are always a plus to send along with a link.

Send your article or pitch to bottledpricespost#zoho.com.  We get a ton of submissions and some months we’re not accepting any new articles, so it sometimes takes a while for us to get back to you; so be patient in waiting for a response.

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