Angry Orchard Price Guide 2022


Much like the beer industry, cider making has been around for quite some time now. Therefore, despite its remarkable history, cider doesn’t appeal much to the public like beer and wine. That is until Angry Orchard entered the market. Read on to see our tasting notes and 2022 price guide for Angry Orchard.

Angry Orchard debuted in 2011 as a subsidiary of the Boston Beer Company. During this time, Angry Orchard was only available in a few places such as New York, Colorado, Maryland, and New England. Subsequently, the company decided to go national in 2012.

Angry Orchard makes their hard ciders using apples from their orchard in Hudson Valley, New York. When it debuted, Angry Orchard had only three flavors: Traditional Dry, Apple Ginger, and Crisp Apple. Now, the company is selling eight different flavors and three premium flavors, but we’ll get to that in a little while.

Now, you might be wondering how much does an Angry Orchard cider cost. Worry not because we’ve got you covered. We will be listing below the different types of Angry Orchard ciders available in the market and their price.

Orchard’s Produce: The Different Products of Angry Orchard

Throughout the years, various types of Angry Orchard ciders have been released. Despite having seasonal or discontinued flavors, here are the products that the company currently offers. Each product is available in packs of six or assorted in twelve-packs called “Orchard Explorer.”

  • Crisp Apple – One of the classic trio that Angry Orchard initially introduced. Crisp apple is made with both cider and culinary apples, having a lightly sweetened flavor with 5% alc/vol.
  • Stone Dry – Of the different varieties, Stone Dry is the driest. Modeled after conventional English ciders, it has a 5.5% alc/vol and is Gluten-free.
  • Green Apple – Made using green apples, this cider has a hint of kiwi and honeydew.
  • Pear – This cider is made with apples and pears, creating a sweet fruity flavor while maintaining the famous Angry Orchard taste.
  • Rosé – Angry Orchard Rosé uses red flesh apples present in France, giving the cider a pink hue.
  • Crisp Unfiltered – Angry Orchard’s Crisp Unfiltered is the same as the regular crisp apple but with the presence of sediments.
  • Walden Hollow – Aside from the typical 355 ml bottle, Angry Orchard also features ciders packaged in 750 ml bottles and Hollow is one of them. It’s a unique cider since it changes the blend and choice of apples every year.
  • The Muse – The Muse is part of Angry Orchard’s House Collection. The Muse is packaged in 750 ml bottles and has a hint of vanilla and cloves.
  • The Strawman – Another member of the House Collection, The Strawman has the texture of wine and has an alc/vol of 10%.
  • The Iceman – The last of the House Collection, The Iceman, is made using apples that underwent the freezing process. It has a hint of vanilla, cloves, and caramel and is packaged in 750 ml bottles.

Angry Orchard Price Guide 2022

Listed below is the market price of Angry Orchard’s products:

Type Size Price ($) Proof
Green Apple


4 pack 12oz bottle 21 10
6 pack 12oz bottle 8.15 10
12 pack12oz bottle 15 10
Easy Apple 6 pack 12oz bottle 8.5 8.4
Rosé 6 pack 12oz bottle 8.5 11
Stone Dry 6 pack 12oz bottle 8 11
Pear 6 pack 12oz bottle 8.5 10
Walden Hollow 750 ml bottle 16 Varies
The Muse 750 ml bottle 16 15.4
The Strawman 750 ml bottle 16 20
The Iceman 750 ml bottle 16 20
Orchard Explorer 12 pack 350 ml bottle 17.99 Assorted

Angry Orchard Alternatives

No Angry Orchard in your area? No problem! Here are some of the alternatives for Angry Orchard available on the market:

  • Austin Eastciders – One of the favorites of Austin, Texas, Austin Eastciders is bound to deliver a good taste for cider enthusiasts. There are many flavors to choose from, and all of them taste great.
  • Crispin – Crispin, just like Angry Orchard’s Stone Dry, is based on conventional English Cider. Found primarily on the West Coast, Crispin has different varieties such as Brut, Pacific Pear, and Honey Crisp.
  • Doc’s Draft Hard Cider – This cider is semi-dry and tastes similar to beer. Doc’s Draft comes in different flavors such as cherry and raspberry.
  • Strongbow – Strongbow is made in the U.K. and has been in operation since 1960. Since it’s from the U.K., Strongbow’s taste is relatively drier compared to American brands.