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Boodles Gin: A Classic British Spirit


When it comes to gin, Boodles is a name that has been around for centuries. This classic British spirit has become a staple of any gin lover's collection, and for good reason. From its rich history to its smooth taste, Boodles Gin is a must-try for any gin enthusiast.

Established in 1845, Boodles Gin has become synonymous with classic elegance and exceptional quality. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Boodles Gin offers a range of flavors that cater to every gin lover's palate. Join us on a journey to discover the world of Boodles Gin and its delightful offerings.

Boodles Gin takes pride in its traditional British heritage and the use of unique botanicals. The gin is distilled using a blend of nine botanicals, including juniper, coriander seed, angelica root, angelica seed, cassia bark, nutmeg, rosemary, sage, and fresh citrus peel. This combination creates a well-balanced and nuanced flavor profile that sets Boodles Gin apart.


Boodles Gin was first created in 1845 by a man named Edward Boodle. The gin quickly became popular and was a favorite of the British aristocracy, even earning a royal warrant from Queen Victoria herself. The Boodle's gentleman's club in London, frequented by members of the Boodle family, gave the gin its name. During Prohibition in the United States, Boodles Gin was one of the few gins that was still imported, solidifying its status as a classic gin brand.

Today, Boodles Gin is still made using the original recipe, ensuring that each sip is steeped in history. The gin is distilled in traditional copper stills and the botanicals are steeped in the spirit for a full day to ensure that every flavor is present and accounted for. Boodles Gin consists of a mixture of juniper, coriander seed, angelica root, cassia bark, nutmeg, rosemary, and sage.

Tasting Notes

Boodles Gin is known for its smooth taste and unique blend of botanicals. The result is a gin that is crisp and clean with a subtle citrus note. The juniper is present but not overpowering, making it perfect for sipping on its own or in a classic gin cocktail like a gin and tonic or a negroni.

Boodles Mulberry Gin

For those seeking a unique twist on traditional gin, Boodles Mulberry Gin offers a delightful and fruity experience. This expression is infused with mulberries and other botanicals, resulting in a luscious and slightly sweet flavor profile. The Mulberry Gin is a perfect choice for gin enthusiasts looking to explore new dimensions of taste.

Boodles Strawberry Rhubarb Gin

Boodles Rhubarb & Strawberry Gin is a recent addition to the brand's lineup, offering a refreshing and fruity gin experience. Infused with natural rhubarb and strawberry flavors, this expression balances the sweetness of the fruits with the classic gin profile. It is a delightful choice for those looking for a gin with a touch of summer.

Fun Facts

  • Boodles Gin was a favorite of James Bond author Ian Fleming, who mentioned it in several of his novels. In fact, Bond's drink of choice was a martini made with Boodles Gin.
  • Boodles Gin was the official gin of the 2019 Wimbledon tennis championships.
  • Boodles Gin has been enjoyed by many famous people over the years, including Winston Churchill, who was known to enjoy a gin and tonic made with Boodles Gin.

Boodles Gin Price

Considered a premium spirit, Boodles Gin price is right about average for other spirits in this category. Here's a list of average prices in the US for various bottle sizes.





Boodles Gin










Boodles Mulberry Gin 




Boodles Strawberry Rhubarb




Whether you're a gin lover or just looking to try something new, Boodles Gin is a classic spirit that is definitely worth a taste. From its rich history to its smooth taste, Boodles Gin is a true British classic that has stood the test of time.

If you're looking for a unique twist on the classic gin taste, try Boodles Mulberry Gin Liqueur. Made with the same high-quality gin as the original, Boodles Mulberry Gin Liqueur has a sweet and fruity flavor that is perfect for sipping on its own or in a cocktail.

Boodles Gin Cocktails

Boodles Classic Martini


We chose to showcase this classic gin in the classic martini because the simplicity of this 2 ingredient drink really lets the flavors of the gin shine through. Of course you can always use one of the flavored gins too! Try with a lemon or orange twist!


  • 2 oz Boodles Gin
  • 1 oz dry vermouth
  • olives

Directions: Combine gin and vermouth in mixing glass. Add ice and stir for 30 seconds. Strain into cocktail glass and garnish with olives.

Boodles Gin Collins

boodles gin collins


  • 2 oz Boodles Gin
  • .5 oz simple syrup
  • .5 oz lemon juice
  • club soda

Directions: Combine all ingredients in Collins glass with ice. Stir gently and garnish with lemon.

In conclusion, Boodles Gin is a classic British spirit that has been enjoyed for generations. Boodles Gin price is competitive in the premium spirits market and a decent classic dry gin. Its rich history, smooth taste, and unique blend of botanicals make it a must-try for any gin enthusiast. So why not give it a try and experience the history and taste of this classic gin for yourself?