Crown Royal Whisky Prices Guide (UPDATED 2022)

Introduction of Crown Royal Whisky

Aptly named, Crown Royal whisky came about as a gift to The Crown. It was King George VI, and his spouse, to be exact. In 1939, the King visited Canada along with the Queen and Crown Royal was created ahead of his arrival as a gift of honor. From there, the brand has blossomed into arguably the most iconic Canadian Whisky.

What Makes a Canadian Whisky, Canadian?

In fact, Canadian Whisky is about whats not in it more than what it contains. While many spirits are governed heavily by ingredients, Canadian whisky roams free of all those cumbersome rules. The only true regulation is that it must be aged for a minimum of three years. Otherwise, it can contain any percentage rye, corn, or barley on the mash bill. While it must rest in a cask for those three years, the Canadians care not which kind of cask it sleeps in. Some would say this allows for a more diverse, creative, and thus tasty group of whiskies.

Crown Royal prides itself on its local heritage and production. Approximately 80% of the grains used in the recipe, including corn, rye, and barley, are sourced in the Manitoba province and surrounding area. The water used is from Lake Winnipeg, which is naturally filtered by a layer of limestone resting beneath the lake. Crown Royal is a true blend, comprised of fifty whiskies painstakingly blended together to create their signature taste.

Crown Royal Whisky Prices

From its inception in 1939, Crown Royal has taken its blending process seriously. From the painstaking perfection required of a visit from the King and Queen to the ever growing and competitive spirits market of today, Crown Royal understands the necessity of a high-quality product. A product of this quality is destined to find itself in the upper mid-range of whisky prices.

Crown Royal's Exceptional Variety

Crown Royal currently offers twelve varieties of its Canadian whisky. More than simple flavor twists, like many spirits offer, Crown Royal presents truly unique adaptations of its signature blend. From unique ingredient blends like the award winning Northern Harvest Rye to different aging processes like the charred oak of Crown Royal Black, the differences are palpable outside of a simple addition of a new fruit flavor.

Variety Brings Cost Fluctuation

With such disparity in ingredients and processes, one can expect some significant difference in price throughout the brand as well. As seen in the chart below, the low price runs the gambit from $20 to upwards of $150. This is quite the price range for products from the same brand! However, Crown Royal has valid reasoning behind their higher priced products.

Common Crown Royal Whisky Prices List



Average Price


Crown Royal Blender's Mash







Crown Royal Deluxe




Crown Royal Rye




Crown Royal Black




Crown Royal Wine Barrel Finished




Crown Royal Reserve




Crown Royal XO




Crown Royal XR




Crown Royal Texas Mesquite




The Crown Royal XR is the perfect example of a higher price point earning its value. Crafted from a rare stock of whisky from the now closed LaSalle distillery, it is truly a rare blend. LaSalle was known for a richer blend and flavor, thus the Crown Royal XR delivers the same.

Comparisons in the Canadian Whisky World

Known for its smooth taste and often affordable price point, Canadian whisky is quite popular. Obviously, Crown Royal dominates the landscape as an international brand. However, there are others available out there from smaller distilleries.

Canadian Club is a popular name heard as a choice for Canadian whisky in bars. While it lacks the mystique and potentially robust flavor that Crown Royal boasts, it certainly makes up for it in price point. A typical bottle of “CC”, as the locals call it, can come in around $20.

Canadian Mist is as simple as they come, offering one whole variety. Just one. While simplistic and maybe best reserved for mixers or an overly involved cocktail, it is easy on the wallet at $15 or so per bottle.

With the evolution of local distilleries, more and more small batch spirits are popping up on the landscape. Canadian whisky has not been excluded from this influx. Bottles from a more local place can range from $25 to $200 and up depending on the ingredients and distillation process. Many of the smaller distilleries create unique blends, as they can experiment further with smaller batches.

As you can see, there are certainly cheaper or more expensive options out there. It is simply about what you are expecting in a Canadian whisky and what you intend to do with it. Paying up for a brand like Crown Royal is usually best when sipping or creating whisky forward cocktails, while spending less is certainly reasonable when drinking with a heavier mixer.

Common Recipes: What Goes With Crown Royal Whisky?

While Crown Royal is often seen as a sipping whisky enjoyed on its own or over rocks, there are certainly cocktails to be made with it and its varieties. Here are a few simple ideas.

The Crown Rose

  • Crown Royal Regal Apple: 2 ounces
  • Lemon Juice: 1 ounce
  • Grenadine: ½ ounce

Fill a shaker with ice and add all the ingredients. Shake it, shake it, shake it! Strain all into a martini, or coupe, glass.

The Crown Royal Flush

  • Crown Royal Canadian Whisky: 1 ¼ ounces
  • Peach Schnapps: ¼ ounce
  • Cranberry Juice: 3 ounces

Fill that shaker with ice again and add all the ingredients. Simply strain into a rocks glass filled with ice. For flair, garnish with an orange peel – the smell is nice while sipping.

The Crown Royal Red Snapper

  • Crown Royal Canadian Whisky: 1 ¼ ounces
  • Cranberry Juice: 6 ounces
  • Amaretto Liqueur: ¼ ounce

Fill a highball style glass with ice. Combine all ingredients in said glass. Use that orange for another garnish of orange peel – it looks great, your guests will love it!

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  1. trying find out when my crown royal was made limited edition bottle number KCG056 and what it might be worth?

  2. My daughter returned today from Toronto airport where she was recommended by a sales person in the duty free area to purchase a particular whisky calledNorthern Harvest Rye.this was the most amazing palatable dram I have tasted in years it ticked all the boxes. I am a native of north east Scotland and enjoy all the good Speyside whiskies this was equal to the best of them,well done. P .s. Whisky is the correct spelling.

  3. I absolutely love the Peach Crown Royal. The gentlemen at a function introduce me to it and I have drank it ever since. But, it is so hard to find here in Michigan. It like winning the lotto when you do find it. Why is it so hard to find?

  4. I have a bottle of reserve with the Dallas Stars first season logo on it. Plastic seal on it and never been opened. Do you have a value on the 750ml bottle?


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