Aviation Gin Price

Aviation Gin

Aviation Gin is one of America’s most innovative and sophisticated liquor. It has an interesting story behind its formation and name.

If you are a gin fan or collector, this blog post is meant for you! Today, we are going to explore this classic and charming drink’s history, prices, delectable recipes, and more.

History of Aviation Gin

The story of Aviation Gin – also called Aviation American Gin – began way back in 2004 when Christian Krogstad and Lee Medoff established the House Spirits Distillery in Corvallis, Oregon. The founders, especially Krogstad, aspired to innovate and come up with new and exciting drinks.

In 2005, the House Spirits Distillery felt the need to diversify its product range. They decided on an unaged spirit that could be introduced to markets as soon as possible. To create buzz about the drink, Medoff printed a picture of the gin in the local newspaper, claiming they were all set to bring a new “Dutch-style product to the local people.”

In 2006 Aviation Gin was born. It contained a unique mix of botanical ingredients that gave it a distinct aroma and flavor. The gin comprises French lavender, cardamom, bitter and sweet orange peel, coriander, sarsaparilla, and anise seed.

Few Interesting Facts About Aviation Gin

  1. Aviation Gin got its name from a 1900s cocktail

Aviation Gin’s name is inspired by a classic cocktail that was incredibly popular in the 1900s. Known as the Aviation cocktail, it was created by a German immigrant, Hugo Ensslin.

The original Aviation was prepared with maraschino liqueur, gin, crème de violette, and lemon juice.

  1. Aviation Gin is a critical darling and has several honors to its name

Even since it saw the light of the day, Aviation Gin has received high praise from critics and liquor enthusiasts.

In 2012, Wine Enthusiast magazine awarded it 97 points, a record back then. The gin also received the gold award from the World Gin Awards and the Beverage Tasting Institute.

The Hollywood star and actor Ryan Reynolds is one of the many other fans of Aviation Gin. He went on to acquire a huge share of the brand in 2018. Association with such a loved celebrity did wonders for the gin’s popularity.

Aviation Gin Prices

Aviation Gin has a very small product line with limited flavors and varieties. It is a dry gin with juniper and other botanical flavors.

The Aviation American Gin price varies depending on the size of the bottle you want to go for. On average, you will have to spend at least $17.99 for a 375 ml bottle of Aviation Gin.

Here is a quick Aviation Gin prices guide to give you more clarity.

Type Size Price Proof
Aviation American Gin 375 ml $17.99 84
750 ml $29.99 84
1.75 L $49.99 84

You can find the bottles online, at Target, Walmart, etc. The prices can be lower depending on the sale and discounts.

Aviation Gin is a unique drink with strong and slightly spicy flavors. While it undoubtedly tastes good, it might not be for everyone. If you are looking for a similar drink but with slightly higher proof, then Hendrick’s Gin can be a good choice. It has a similar flavor but 88 Proof which is slightly higher than Aviation Gin. It will cost you around $37 for a 750 ml bottle.

Here are some other popular alternatives to Aviation American Gin with similar prices:

  • Bombay Dry Gin
  • Broker’s London Dry Gin
  • Plymouth Gin Original Strength

Is Aviation Gin a Low Calorie Drink?

A one ounce serving of Aviation Gin contains 76 calories. When compared to some other high proof spirits or liqueurs that come in over 125 calories per ounce, it is considered one of the healthier options.

Common Recipes: What to Mix with Aviation Gin

Due to its smooth and spicy flavor, Aviation Gin can be enjoyed in many different ways. You can drink it on the rocks or prepare delicious cocktails with it.

Here are some popular recipes that you can prepare with Aviation American Gin:

American G & T

gin and tonic

  • 1.5 oz Aviation American Gin
  • 3 oz tonic water
  • lime wedge

Directions: Fill a glass with some ice and pour the Aviation American gin into it. Top it with tonic water and stir slowly. Add the lime wheel and lemon slice for garnishing.

Hipster Harvey

hipster Harvey

  • 1.5 oz Aviation American Gin
  • .5 oz of vanilla liqueur
  • 2 oz orange juice

Directions: A simple and delicious cocktail that can be prepared by mixing all the above-mentioned ingredients in a flute glass. Top it with vanilla liqueur and add an orange slice for garnishing. Your cocktail is ready to be enjoyed!


So there you have it – everything about Aviation American Gin and Aviation Gin prices. We hope you enjoyed reading this piece and that we were able to provide you with some new and interesting information.