Popov Vodka Price

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Finding the right vodka - one that is delicious and easy on your pocket - isn’t simple. This is where Popov vodka comes in. It is a budget-friendly spirit with a delectable taste and smooth texture. Popov Vodka's price definitely lands it in the budget spirits category, but that doesn't mean that it shouldn't be considered as an option.

In this blog post, we will tell you more about the popular Popov vodka – its history, taste, and simple recipes you can prepare using it. 

Let’s dive in! 

Popov Vodka History 

Popov vodka history dates back to the 1960s. The spirit originated in Russia and has become a staple in households and bars all around the world. 

In the 1970s, Popov vodka made its way to the United States. There, it was produced by the North American subsidiary of Diageo PLC. Due to its impressive taste and low price, the vodka went on to become extremely popular in the States. Even today, it commands one of the largest market shares in the low-price liquor market. 

In 2018, Diageo PLC’s subsidiary decided to sell Popov vodka. It was bought by the Sazerac Company for a  whopping $550 million! 

Popov Vodka Tasting Notes

Coming to the Popov vodka taste, the spirit is made from the highest quality rye and wheat. It is filtered with the help of charcoal to remove all its impurities. The rigorous production process gives Popov vodka a rich, smooth, and clean flavor. While it is a strong spirit, it will not overpower your senses, making it suitable for mixing with cocktails or drinking on the rocks. 

It is a clear vodka with a light and pleasing smell. You will be able to experience its smooth texture as soon as the liquid hits your tongue. It has a crisp and clean flavor that impresses your palate. 

Want to know about Popov vodka calories? To be exact, a 1.5 oz shot of Popov vodka has 96 calories. 

Popov Vodka Price

While Popov is a bottom-shelf vodka, you won’t ever feel like drinking cheap booze while sipping it. It offers a high-quality taste, smooth texture, and unique taste while remaining incredibly budget-friendly. 

You will  find Popov vodka at almost every online and offline liquor store. The Popov vodka prices will largely depend on factors like the store you are buying it from, any special discounts, seasonal offers, etc. 

However, to give you some idea about its price, we are going to tell you about the Popov vodka prices for different bottle sizes. 



Average Price


Popov Vodka



















n case you are looking for a more premium or top-shelf vodka, Tito’s Handmade vodka or Skyy vodka can be great alternatives. 

Popov Vodka Cocktail Recipes

Now that we have discussed everything else, let’s look at some super-simple cocktail recipes you can prepare with Popov vodka. While you can easily enjoy this vodka on the rocks, mixing it with different ingredients helps enhance its distinct flavor and give you an  enjoyable drink. 

Blueberry Basil Vodka Collins


If you want to enjoy a cocktail with a fruity punch, you have to try out this recipe. It is light and refreshing and perfect for your next summer bash!


  • 2oz Popov vodka
  • 1oz fresh lime juice
  • 1oz simple syrup
  • 5-7 fresh basil leaves 
  • 10-15 blueberries
  • club soda

Directions: Take a shaker and muddle a handful of blueberries and basil leaves in it. Then pour Popov vodka, lime juice, and simple syrup and shake well. Strain the drink into a Collins glass and top it with ice. Add club soda and serve immediately. 

Spiced Peach Punch 

Spiced Peach Punch

This juicy cocktail is both fruity and refreshing. We love how the cinnamon adds layers to the peach and orange flavors! 


  • 2oz Popov vodka
  • 2oz orange juice
  • 1oz peach liqueur 
  • ginger beer
  • cinnamon or nutmeg 

Directions: In a mixing glass, muddle peach slices, and sprinkle nutmeg and cinnamon into it. Add all the other ingredients and stir well. Top it with some ice and garnish with a peach slice. . 

Summing Up

All in all, Popov vodka is a decent spirit that will offer you a good drinking experience. Whether you are a vodka connoisseur or someone just getting started with vodka who loves their options, Popov vodka has something to offer everyone. You can definitely give it a shot and see if it meets your expectations. We prefer using it for mixed cocktails over drinking in a martini or as a shot as it is not the smoothest vodka out there. But it's just fine for making mixed drinks on a budget!