Ranking the Best Gatorade Flavors of All Time

Whether you are an all-pro athlete or a weekend warrior on the neighborhood blacktop, you have likely enjoyed a cold bottle of Gatorade. Visit any convenience store and you will likely find an entire cooler dedicated to the PepsiCo product, with an array of colors and sizes available.

The sheer number of flavor options offered by Gatorade can be overwhelming. Here, we will look at 15 of the thirst-quenching selections and give a short opinion on each to help narrow down your search for the best.

1. Orange

One of the original two flavors of Gatorade, Orange has stood the test of time. It, along with Lemon Lime, held their ground as the only flavors for 20 years before Fruit Punch arrived on the scene.

2. Lemon Lime

Lemon Lime was the primary flavor of the original two offerings from the Gatorade Thirst Quencher line. It is still the most popular today, seen on thousands of sports sidelines around the world. It just seemed too obvious to give this off-yellow drink the number one spot.

3. Fruit Punch

Fruit Punch began the slow trickle-turned-endless barrage of new flavors introduced by Gatorade. It was the company’s first foray into nuance after 20 years of featuring only Orange and Lemon Lime varieties.

4. Citrus Cooler

It was all-time basketball great Michael Jordan’s favorite flavor, so it had to make the top five! This flavor was introduced in the late 80s and was followed by a more rapid release of flavors in the early and middle 1990s.  

5. The Gatorade Frost Line

In 1997, Gatorade decided that its original line of drinks had begun to hit its peak marketing capabilities. The introduction of the Gatorade Frost products was intended to appeal to a new generation of Gatorade drinkers. Names unattached to their flavors were used to inspire the feeling of cold refreshment.

Glacier Freeze, Alpine Snow, and Whitewater Splash reached a whole new market with its “fruit-blend” flavors. Other popular varieties have been added along the way including Riptide Rush and a zero-sugar option called Glacier Cherry Zero Sugar.

6. The Gatorade Ice and Rain Lines

Ice became Rain, which seems the opposite of winters in the northern parts of the world. Gatorade Ice debuted in the early 2000s and featured a less intense twist on original flavors like Orange and Lemon Lime.

The Ice line was rebranded to be called Rain. The semi-clear Gatorade also featured some familiar flavors while adding others like Tangerine and Berry.

7. Kiwi Strawberry

This blend is part of the newer Gatorade Flow drinks. Still considered one of the “thirst quencher” products, Flow is marketed as the same Gatorade with a smoother finish. The other Flow flavors include intense fruit flavors like Blackberry Wave, Citrus Crash, and Strawberry Splash. Pineapple Mango was once an option, as well.

8. The Gatorade Fierce Line

If you are looking for bold and intense Gatorade flavors, look no farther than the Fierce products. Flavors including Grape, Melon, and Fruit Punch are said to taste stronger than their counterparts in other Gatorade products. Once upon a time, Green Apple was available in the Fierce lineup.

9. Tidal Punch

Just looking at a bottle of this flavor of Gatorade is enjoyable. It has an eerie similarity to those Ecto Cooler boxes 90s kids loved until they suddenly disappeared. If you are into citrusy flavors, Tidal Punch might be right up your alley.

10. Strawberry Lemonade

What better way to end a hot summer workout than with a classic summer drink – Strawberry Lemonade. Gatorade has expanded its horizons since the days when Lemon Lime and Orange were enough.

11. The Gatorade Zero Line

Gatorade’s newest iteration seems to be in response to a society demanding healthier options, even from its sports drinks. Introduced in mid-2018, the Zero products offer Gatorade sans sugar. Orange, Lemon Lime, and Glacier Cherry are all available without sugar. Many fans of the newest Gatorade say it tastes better than the original by eliminating the obvious sugary taste.

12. Tropical Cooler

Okay, this flavor maybe even more like the Ecto Cooler color than Tidal Punch. Similar in taste, as well, Tropical Cooler is also a citrus fruit punch flavor.

13. The Gatorade Organic Line

The organic products from Gatorade are unlikely to be healthier options from a caloric and sugar perspective. However, for those interested in a dye-free product with the same post-strenuous workout benefits, Gatorade Organic may be the best choice.

Regular sugar is replaced with cane sugar (both have similar impacts on your body and health) and the dyes are removed making Gatorade Organic noticeably colorless. You can find organic Strawberry, Passionfruit, and Mixed Berry.

14. Lemonade

Another summertime favorite brought to you by Gatorade. The Lemonade flavor is part of the Thirst Quencher, or original, lineup.

15. Mango Extremo

This one is probably more popular in certain parts of the country like South Florida. The mango flavor is undoubtedly strong with this one.

The real taste test comes down to flavors you like. Many Gatorade options lean toward tropical, citrus tasting blends but there are plenty of traditional options available in most of their different product lines.

If you find you do not like a specific flavor, consider trying it in a different form like Zero Sugar or Organic. Each has its distinct flavor profile and might be more pleasing than the Thirst Quencher variety.

In any case, there are plenty of Gatorade flavors available at virtually every market, convenience store, and grocery around the globe. Take your pick and start your list of favorites!