7up Price and Guide 2021

Introduction of 7Up

Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda just doesn’t have the same ring as 7Up, does it? Fortunately for everyone, the original name was modified to 7up within a decade of its creation.

The lithium reference comes from the inclusion of the mood-stabilizer in the recipe before its removal in the late 1940s. While the recipe no longer includes any form of psychiatric drugs, many 7Up fans point to its refreshing flavor and texture as the reason for its long-time popularity.

Like many early 20th-century soda creations, 7Up has changed hands many times over. From Westinghouse to Philip Morris, and finally resting with the Keurig Dr Pepper family (and PepsiCo in some cases) as of now, 7Up has been part of virtually every major holding company through its lifetime.

There are various rumors about how 7Up got its name with none being formally verified. Some early guesses pointed to its pH being around 7 but, in fact, the drink has a relatively low pH of between 3 and 4. Others have said the drink has 7 main ingredients. A slightly more far-fetched reasoning suggested the number was some form of code for the lithium used in the original recipe.

7Up also has multiple branding differences, depending on where it is produced and sold. In the United States, the name is spelled 7Up and there is a red dot separating the 7 and the up. Outside the U.S., the brand is primarily identified as 7up.

7up Prices

7Up represents one of the oldest lemon-lime sodas on the market today. With that said, it may be older and wiser but is typically found around the same price as other sodas marketed by the big three (PepsiCo, Coca Cola, and Keurig Dr Pepper).

7Up vs Mountain Dew Ice

It may surprise you to know that the original Mountain Dew recipe (which was used as a mixer for whiskey) was quite similar to the lemon-lime carbonation of 7Up. The drinks have certainly changed over time with Mountain Dew sporting a more citrus-forward taste.

However, Mountain Dew has put forth a more direct competitor to 7Up called Mountain Dew Ice. Advertised as a refreshing, crisp lemon-lime soda, it is obvious that Mountain Dew had competition on its mind.

Fortunately for 7Up diehards, the Mountain Dew Ice costs about the same as 7Up in comparable sizes.

7Up vs Sprite

Sprite is considered the Coca Cola equivalent to 7Up and is one of the closest drinks in flavor available in the soda aisle. Sprite was created much later (in the early 1960s) and has the dubious reputation of being a higher calorie option.

Most consumers identify 7Up by its aggressive carbonation and less-sweet taste than other lemon-lime sodas. Sprite is notably sweeter, which can be a pro or con depending on the person.

Sprite and 7Up are both owned and distributed by the big three beverage companies resulting in similar price points. The choice for most comes down to the unique tastes, despite both being touted as lemon-lime sodas.

7Up vs Flavored Sparkling Water

The high carbonation may lead to some comparisons with flavored sparkling water. Comparing 7Up to say, Schweppes lemon-lime sparkling water makes sense given the flavor profiles of each.

It is worth noting that most flavored waters, including the Schweppes mentioned here, are zero-calorie options that use natural flavors rather than sugar or high-fructose corn syrup for sweeteners.

In any case, flavored waters are generally more expensive than 7Up in similar sizes.

Common 7Up Prices List



Avg Price

7Up Lemon Lime Soda

12 x 12 oz Cans


2L Bottle


7Up Diet Soda

12 x 16.9 oz Bottles


7Up Diet Cherry

24 x 12 oz


7Up Ingredients

7Up comes in many flavors and diet options. The brand is somewhat unique in that its flavors do not subtract the lemon-lime but add to it. 7Up also offers certain flavors in specific regions like Raspberry in Southeast Asia.

It is important to note that 7Up, while not a diet-friendly drink, does sport a caffeine-free label. This is great news for those who like to enjoy a soda later in the evening.

Let’s look at the current ingredient list for a can of regular 7Up:

  • Water (Filtered and Carbonated)
  • High-Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Citric Acid
  • Potassium Citrate
  • Calcium Disodium EDTA

When evaluating the ingredient list for Diet 7Up, the major change is the removal of high-fructose corn syrup while adding aspartame as a substitute sweetener.

The 7Up brand went through a marketing campaign touting itself as the “uncola”. While the soda certainly presents a unique flavor profile compared to other colas, its ingredients and price point are quite similar to the others on the shelf.