Wild Turkey 101 Whiskey Price 2022

Wild Turkey is one of the most popular and widely selling whiskey brands in America. The company was launched in 1855 by Austin Nichols & Co. as a tiny shop in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. Since then, the company has had an interesting journey filled with ups and downs that eventually led … Read More

Black Velvet Whiskey Price (UPDATED 2023)

Content Navigation History of Black Velvet Whisky Black Velvet Whiskey Review: How Does it Taste? Black Velvet Whiskey Price Guide Popular Black Velvet Whiskey Recipes 1. Cape Breton 2. Velvet and Ginger Introduction to Black Velvet WhiskeyThe Black Velvet whiskey is known for its super smooth texture. The whiskey is produced in the Black Velvet … Read More

Woodford Reserve Prices Guide 2022

table of contents IntroductionHistorySustainabilityThe Woodford Way ProductsTasting NotesWhat are some alternatives?Woodford Reserve PricesCocktailsMalt Whiskey SourBourbon Porch Swing IntroductionWoodford Reserve is a premium whiskey produced by the Brown-Forman Corporation which also manufactures other well known brands such Jack Daniel’s and Chambord. The distillery is located in Woodford County, Kentucky and is a … Read More

Maker’s Mark Price Guide 2022

Introduction Maker’s Mark is a Kentucky bourbon whiskey known for its distinct sweet wheat flavor and red wax topped bottles. It is commonly requested in bars and restaurants around the world and one of the top sellers in liquor stores. In this article, we’ll explore the origins, flavors and prices … Read More

Southern Comfort Price Guide 2022

IntroductionSouthern Comfort was created in New Orleans towards the latter part of the 1800s as a fruit-flavored liquor with a spicy accent. Originally, whiskey was used as its base spirit. However, as the years went by, the recipe changed to grain alcohol. By the 1980s, the brand with it’s shortened … Read More

Blanton’s Whiskey Prices Guide 2022

Content Navigation Blanton’s Whiskey PriceBlanton’s Whiskey Price ListWhy Blanton’s Costs More than other BourbonsWhat about the Super-Expensive Bourbons?What are some Alternatives?Common Recipes: What to Mix with Blanton’s BourbonBlanton’s with slight flavoringThe Brown Derby Blanton’s is a type of bourbon whiskey. Bourbon is a name given to a type of whiskey … Read More

Whiskey Prices Guide 2022 – Most Popular Whiskey Brands in US

Content Navigation What is Whiskey?Whisky versus WhiskeyWhiskey TypesScotch Whisky and its RegionsDecoding the Whiskey Bottle LabelWhiskey Brands InformationWhiskey Pricing DriversAgingBarrel TypesSingle Malt WhiskeyBrandingSingle Barrel WhiskiesTaste is Everything What is Whiskey?Whisky is one of the more highly regulated spirits worldwide. There is a myriad of laws and regulations in place dictating … Read More