Top 10 Most Expensive Bottled Waters in the World

Ask someone their opinion of drinking bottled water and you are bound to get one of two very different answers. Some love the idea of relatively clean water that can be enjoyed on the go. Others think paying for the equivalent of tap water in a bottle is silly.

Not all bottled waters are created equal. Just ask brands like FIJI Water, who claims to have “Earth’s Finest Water.” I’m sure Evian and others would argue with that statement but that’s not the point of this post.

Evian and FIJI represent the top end of the pricing spectrum for most bottled water drinkers. However, there are other waters out there that represent luxury or ultra-luxury bottled water brands.

If you think the $4 or more for a bottle of water is ludicrous, you might want to read on and see just how cheap those brands are when compared to this list. Here are the top ten most expensive bottles of water from around the globe.

Number Ten – Finé Water - $5.00 (750ml)

Finé Water has a similar story to that of FIJI Water and is only slightly more expensive. Its rarity (the product is now only available to collectors as it has been discontinued otherwise) makes it viable for this list.

The water comes from an aquifer far below the surface of Mount Fuji. Its trip through the volcanic rocks filters the water naturally and allows it to be amended with natural minerals.

The depth of the aquifer allows it to remain pure from pollutants that seep into shallower water supplies. Many people say the mouthfeel of Finé is similar to FIJI Water, which is likely due to the similar volcanic rock influences.

Number Nine – Tasmanian Rain - $6.00 (750ml)

This bottle comes from a remote area of Australia – the northwest coast of Tasmania. It may seem odd that a landscape like Australia’s could produce exclusive bottled water, but Tasmania is a whole other place from those vast dry regions people usually picture.

The World Meteorological Organization has deemed the air purity in the area Tasmanian Rain is collected as the best in the world. The water falls as rain and lands directly in a collection system, so Tasmanian Rain never touches the earth’s surface before bottling.

Light carbonation is added, creating a clean, effervescent mouthfeel. The price of five dollars per bottle is not cheap and it is a rare find, which is why Tasmanian Rain is the number nine bottled water on this list.

Number Eight – Lauquen Natural Artesian Water - $8.00 (750ml)

This water comes from an area in Argentina known as Patagonia. The Andes Mountains supply the water as ice and snowmelt travel through the surface into a 1,500 feet deep artesian aquifer.

The water is bottled at its constant temperature of 39 degrees. It is also bottled at the source, eliminating the potential impurities that come with the introduction of water into an off-site system. Lauquen Natural Artesian Water prides itself in its low minerality, giving it a pure taste.

Number Seven – Aqua Deco - $15.00 (750ml)

The cost doubles at this point on the list and this is already a pricey bottle for most bottled water drinkers. The bottle itself is stunning and screams luxury.

The water comes from a Canadian aquifer that was formed by the movement of glaciers. As the glacier moved, it left behind a perfectly striated mix of filtering sand and gravel.

The filtration process slowly removes impurities and makes Aqua Deco one of the cleanest naturally sourced waters. It is also one of the most expensive bottles and is often found in fancy restaurants and spas.

Number Six – 10 Thousand BC - $20.00 (750ml)

This bottled water comes from the Hat Mountain Glacier, a three-day boat ride of the coast of Canada. The water is presented in a luxurious glass bottle pulled from a sturdy box with a rope handle.

10 Thousand BC claims to be the first bottled water sourced from a glacier and has established itself as a premium bottled water brand.

Number Five – Veen - $30.00 (750ml)

Veen claims two pure springs in its arsenal of water supplies. One is near an area in Finland called Lapland. The second can be found in the Himalayas in Bhutan.

The springs are filtered uniquely by being fed with waters that have made their way through layers of ice. The brand has even been credited with being water that can quench any thirst.

Number Four – Bling H2O - $65.00 (750ml)

Bling H2O is water bottled from the English Mountain Spring located amongst the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. A nine-step process purifies the water to ensure it tastes as good as it looks.

Bling H2O creates some radical bottle designs and is featured at high-end eateries, spas, and hotels. Bling H2O brings an unusual, yet refined, look to any fancy setting.

Number Three – Fillico - $219.00 (750ml)

Fillico aims to represent royalty in more than just its extravagant price point. The bottles are designed to look like the King and Queen pieces you would find lining a Chessboard. These Chess pieces happen to be adorned with Swarovski crystals.

The water itself is from a spring called Nunobiki, a well-regarded Japanese spring located in Kobe. The spring water is also used by a well-known producer of sake. If you have a spare two-hundred dollars, this bottled water would be perfect for your thirsty Chess-playing friends!

Number Two – Kona Nigari Water - $402.00 (750ml)

The promises made by Kona Nigari may make this eye-popping price worth every penny if they can deliver. The water is believed to help those who consume it to lose weight, gain energy, and have flawless skin. With those benefits, the price point of over four-hundred dollars doesn’t sound so bad!

Kona Nigari has these supposed impacts because of the rare deep ocean electrolyte content absorbed as it rests over a thousand feet below a certain Hawaiian Island.

Number One – Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani - $72,000.00 (750ml)

In case you couldn’t tell, this bottle of water is easily the most expensive in the world. While the combination of Fijian and French natural spring water is certainly a palate pleaser, it is likely the 24-karat gold bottle designed by none other than Fernando Altamirano. He also designed the bottle for the world’s most expensive cognac.

There you have it. The top ten most expensive bottles of water in the world. They represent a vast range of price points but all are exclusive in their own right.