Evian Water Price and Guide 2021

Introduction of  Evian Water

Evian Water is widely considered the creme de la creme of bottled water. Hailing from a small town called Evian-Les-Bains, the prestige of the light blue-capped Evian bottle has outgrown its humble home.

The Evian Water history is extensive, rivaling many prestigious wines and spirits. The premium water giant can trace its roots back to a chance encounter between Marquis de Lessert and the Saint Catherine spring in the late 1780s.

The Marquis was suffering from multiple ailments at the time and determined that he felt miraculously better after drinking from the spring. The gentleman who owned the property the spring was on fenced the spring off and decided to make it his new enterprise.

The spring’s owner began distributing bottles of the “miracle” water to local physicians. Later, the water from the spring began to be a worldwide sensation and the town of Evian-Les-Bains was essentially put on the map. Evian Water began in 1908, being sold in glass bottles.

Evian Water Prices

Evian has become synonymous with luxurious accommodations and high-end events. As a primary sponsor of several golf and tennis tournaments, Evian continues to put its name in places that remind people of its prestige.

Pricing certainly goes beyond popularity, however, Evian relies heavily on its respect amongst those in Hollywood and recording studios to maintain its image as the bottled water of the stars.

Celebrity endorsements and even marketing deals with record labels help Evian continue to be a trendy option for those who are concerned with such things. However, it may surprise you to know that Evian compares well with bottles that most would assume are more economical like Dasani and Aquafina.

Evian vs Other Bottles

As mentioned earlier, Evian compares favorably with most other bottled brands when it comes to the price point. In fact, one of its direct competitors in the market - Fiji Water - costs nearly twice as much for a 12-pack of one-liter bottles. 

Evian comes in an impressive variety of sizes for any occasion. From 330mL (11 ounces) up to 1.5L (50 ounces), you can take Evian on the go or keep a bottle all day long.

An Eye on the Environment

Other brands like Dasani and Voss have taken steps to reduce their footprints on the overall environment. Dasani uses plant-based materials in its bottles and has even changed the bottle itself to use less plastic. 

Evian takes its environmentalism a step farther by being active in the community. One initiative put in place is the Evian Water Protection Institute. The Institute tasks itself with the management of water and wetlands in three vulnerable areas inside the countries of Thailand, Argentina, and Nepal.

Without going so far as to eliminate plastic from its packaging entirely, Evian Water does everything it can to help mitigate the volume of plastic entering waterways. From partnerships with innovative recycling programs to joining forces with The Ocean Project, Evian spends quite a bit of investment on conserving and protecting the environment.

Common Evian Water Prices List


Avg Price

Evian Water 1L x 12


Evian Water 500ml x 24


Evian Water 750ml x 12


Evian Water 1.5L x 24


pH of Evian Water

As you can see, Evian Water is slightly more alkaline than purified water. The mineral content is influenced by the natural source and creates an alkaline finished product.

The pH of Evian Water has minimal impact on taste, while the naturally absorbed minerals are said to make the water “taste” more smooth than other bottled waters that source from taps.


Avg Price

Evian Water


Purified Water


Where Does Evian Water Come From?

Believe it or not, Evian Water goes through a process of natural purification and mineral absorption that can take about 15 years. This is as long as some of the pricier bottles of whiskey sit in barrels.

The water is not aged during this time, however. The process begins with the annual snowmelt of the capped peaks of the French Alps. As the snow turns to liquid, it trickles through various layers of sand and rock.

Each of these layers acts as a filter, removing the smallest of physical contaminants. The water makes its way into the springs that provide Evian its water. Evian Water then takes steps to further ensure the cleanliness of the water, bottles it, and sends it around the globe for everyone to enjoy.