Energy Drinks VS Coffee


Coffee is indisputably one of the most loved beverages. Whether you want the extra dose of energy early in the morning or need to stay awake for long at night to complete an urgent presentation, a cup of hot coffee has you covered. It is the go-to energy source for most people, and we understand why! 

However, ever since energy drinks like Red Bull or Monster have made their way to the market, the debate on energy drinks vs. coffee has become persistent. While some people still depend on good old coffee to get them through a long, tiring day, others believe that modern-day energy drinks are more useful. 

But the question remains: energy drinks vs. coffee - which one is better for you? This is exactly what we are going to discuss today. In this article, we will compare coffee with various popular energy drinks and find out which is better. 

So, grab your favorite beverage, and let’s get started! 

Red Bull can

Red Bull vs. Coffee

Ever since its launch a few years back, Red Bull has remained one of the most well-known energy drinks out there. It is known to give you an instant energy boost (other than Wiiings, of course! 

Red Bull is a comparatively newer drink. On the other hand, coffee has been around for centuries and has remained the top beverage choice for people. 

Here are some points you should consider while choosing the right option between Red Bull and coffee. 

  • Red Bull has less caffeine than coffee, and it also contains a vital natural stimulant called taurine. Taurine boosts certain bodily functions, including cardiovascular functions, retinal development, and more. There is no taurine in coffee. 
  • On the other hand, coffee has significantly less sugar than Red Bull. One can of Red Bull contains 27 grams of sugar, while you can have Black Coffee which essentially contains 0 sugar.
  • Coffee contains several important antioxidants that Red Bull lacks. 
  • Drinking Red Bull is much more convenient than coffee. You can just buy a can and have it on the go while brewing coffee takes some time. 

Monster vs. Coffee

Monster is another super popular energy drink many consume as an alternative to Red Bull. The debate between Monster vs. coffee is also quite intense. 

Here are some points that will help you compare the two drinks efficiently:

  • One cup of coffee offers 95 mg of caffeine, while one serving of Monster Energy Drink provides 160 mg of caffeine. If you have a low tolerance for caffeine, Monster Energy Drink may not suit you. 
  • If you are very particular about your calorie consumption, you should know that one serving of Monster Energy Drink contains 210 calories. On the other hand, one cup of regular Black Coffee has just 2 calories, while a Latte has 190 calories. So, in this sense, coffee is a better choice. 
  • Similarly, Monster Energy Drink contains 27g of sugar, while coffee is originally sugar-free unless you add some sugar to it. 
  • Like Red Bull, Monster Energy Drink is more convenient than coffee. Unless you are going for a coffee in a cafe, you will have to spend some time brewing it. On the other hand, you can simply buy a Monster can and drink it immediately.  
coffee cup with coffee beans

5-Hour Energy vs. Coffee

Even since its launch in 2004, 5-Hour Energy Drink has remained a popular energy drink option that has often been compared with coffee. Here are some major points between the two:

  • A 2-ounce bottle of 5-Hour energy drink contains 230 mg of caffeine, while a cup of coffee has just 95 mg of caffeine. 
  • So, if you are looking for a quick dose of caffeine, the 5-Hour Energy drink can be a good choice. 
  • Coffee is also significantly cheaper than a bottle of 5-Hour Energy drink. 
  • Moreover, the 5-Hour Energy drink, like other energy drink options, is high in sugar, while coffee is essentially sugar-free. 

Understanding the Health Benefits and Nutritional Value of Coffee

Besides being your best morning companion and giving you much-needed energy, coffee has several nutritional values and health benefits. Understanding the nutritional value of coffee is essential to make a fair comparison between it and energy drinks. 

So, let’s have a quick look at some major nutritional values that coffee delivers:

  • Regular plain coffee contains a good amount of micronutrients, including minerals and vitamins. One serving of coffee can give you 118mg of potassium,  7.1mg of phosphorus, 4.8mg of sodium, and more. 
  • If you are trying to reduce your weight and calories, coffee can be the ideal beverage. A regular Black Coffee has zero calories and no carbs. 
  • Furthermore, studies have also suggested that coffee can reduce the risk of chronic liver diseases. Regular coffee consumption can also lower the chances of heart failure. 

So, drinking coffee can offer several health benefits, given that you take it plain with minimum sugar and milk. Adding whipped cream, sugar, extra milk, chocolate, etc., can lower the nutritional value of coffee and turn it into a dessert. 

The Major Nutritional Facts About Energy Drinks

Ready-to-consume energy drinks also have some nutritional value. Here are some nutritional facts about energy drinks that you should know about: 

  • Many energy drinks offer a good amount of vitamin B to help convert food into energy. 
  • Since most energy drinks have a high amount of caffeine, they can offer you a quick dose of energy within minutes. However, such drinks may not suit you if you cannot tolerate a high amount of caffeine. 
  • Most energy drinks contain zero carbs or fat. So, they won’t harm your weight loss dietary regime. 

Final Verdict

Overall, we can say that both of these drinks have their advantages and disadvantages, and what you choose will significantly depend on your preference.

For example, if you are short on time, need a quick dose of caffeine, and can’t wait for a cup of coffee, you can grab a bottle of any popular energy drink and go about your day. However, since these drinks have high sugar content, food color, etc., consuming them daily isn’t recommended. 

There are several other healthiest energy drink options that you can try. For example, black and green tea, protein shakes, and smoothies are great and healthy energy sources. Similarly, coffee is also much healthier than your regular canned energy drinks.

Overall, if health is your main concern, coffee is the clear winner here!