Fall Spirits

fall spirits

Summer’s over and the cooler evenings leave you beaconing for a blanket and a nightcap. The only thing that could make you feel more comfortable is a warming, fall spirit. The best booze for this season should make you feel almost like you’re drinking a cozy sweater! 

When we think about Autumn flavors, especially when it comes to booze, we think of dark liquors, aged tequilas, spiced rums, things that have warming qualities and those quintessential fall flavors of apples, pears and baking spices. 

Move over summer slushies, frozen margaritas and piña coladas - you've had your time in the sun! Now it's time for the warming whiskeys, smoldering Scotches and sensationally spiced rums to have you feeling the equivalent of a fuzzy blanket by the bonfire!

Here’s a list we’ve compiled of our top 10 spirits to get you through the cooler months.

Johnnie walker

Fall Spirit #1: Scotch Whiskey

Johnie Walker

Nothing screams fall to me like a beautiful glass of warming Scotch. While any label from the Johnnie Walker family will not disappoint, we enjoy sipping on the reasonably priced Johnny Walker Double Black. With sweet and smokey notes of apple, honey, cinnamon and clove, you’ll feel like fall in no time! Sip this one neat or try it in a cocktail like a Rusty Nail. 

Average Price: $21.00 / 750ml

sailor jerry bottle

Sipping Spiced Rum Keeps You Warm!

Sailor Jerry

If Autumn had to be described in one word, it would be spice. Therefore, it’s no surprise there’s a spiced rum on our list. Sailor Jerry is a beautiful autumn spirit because of its unique combination of spices. This rum is full bodied and smooth with notes of winter spices, sweet caramel, oak and vanilla. On the finish there are hints of dried fruit, raisin and tobacco and a kick of alcohol. Enjoy this with some ginger liqueur to make a spicy fall Daiquiri or just by itself! 

Average Price: $20.00 / 750ml


Fireball for Fall!

Well, if whiskey and cinnamon don’t make you think of fall, we don’t know what will! A flavored whiskey from the Sazerac Company, Fireball is one of the most popular liqueurs in the United States! With a sweet flavor reminiscent of Red Hot candies, Fireball is often taken as a shot in many bars and fraternities across America. Though it is extremely popular with the young kids, adults have learned to enjoy this beverage too… just not at the same rate as a college student as hangovers tend to get worse the older you get! Regardless of it’s bad rep in some social areas, Fireball definitely has that warming quality that you so crave in the cooler months! 

Average Price: $13.00 / 750ml

cocktail in coupe

Fall Flavors For Those Who Don't Do Dark Spirits

Absolut Pear

When we think of seasonal spirits, vodka tends to fall in the spring and summer category. However, if you’re a die hard vodka fan, have no fear. Flavors like Absolut Pear make pear-fect fall cocktails. This pear vodka has a mild taste of crisp pear with a long and fruity finish. Need a fun fall cocktail? Try it in a martini with some ginger, citrus and angostura bitters! 

Average Price: $19.00 / 750ml

Paul masson

It's Fall Y'all! Apple Brandy

Paul Masson

Brandy often takes second seat to the more popular whiskeys in the US, but we find Paul Masson to be a fabulous entry level American Brandy with luscious pear, raisin and caramel flavors. The finish is long and intense with vanilla, oak and spice. Paul Masson offers seven flavors besides their original including apple which is an obvious choice for this time of year!

Average Price: $12.00 / 750ml


While we’re on brandy, Courvoisier is also a great choice for cooler weather. Made in Cognac, France, Courvoisier has a rich and viscous mouthfeel that bursts with peach, raisin and cinnamon. There are notes of spice, oak, honey and pear on the finish. Sip it neat or try in a Sidecar. 

Average Price: $40.00 / 750ml

hendricks bottles

Hendricks Lunar

Just like vodka, gin tends to be associated more with the warmer months. We think gin especially makes for a smooth transition into the cooler weather. Hendricks Lunar in particular has warming notes of black pepper and delicate floral aromas. It makes a great cocktail to sip with friends under the stars!

Average Price: $43.00 / 750ml

Ron Zacapa

Ron Zacapa

If you prefer enjoying your booze straight and haven’t tried Ron Zacapa yet we highly recommend you do! This 23 year old rum is sweet and nutty with notes of brown sugar, honey and pipe tobacco. Of course it won’t make a bad cocktail either! Try it in an Old Fashioned in place of whiskey!

Average Price: $56.00

Deleon tequila

Aged Tequila is Great in the Fall!

Deleon Reposado

Sure, tequila gets its time in the sun with margarita season, but if you enjoy sipping on an aged tequila, Deleon Reposed will not disappoint. It is gently aged in bold American Oak then finished in French wine casks. It is beautifully balanced with hints of vanilla, dried fruit and spice. The finish is smooth with vanilla and clove. What a better way to end a fall day?

Average Price: $45.00 / 750 ml


Almond Flavored Amaretto Anyone?


A beautiful amber-colored liqueur with it’s characteristic almond taste, Disaronno is often served straight as a cordial, on the rocks or in a cocktail. We love adding it to our coffee or even hot chocolate! If you’re looking for a sweet sensation for your fireside libation, look no further! 

Average Price: $35.00 / 750 ml