Spooky Spirits For Your Halloween Party

halloween liquor bottles 2022

Halloween Themed Alcohol Bottles

Just because we're all grown up doesn't mean we can't still have fun on Halloween! And besides, cocktails are more fun than candy, right? If you're having a Halloween Party, or just like creepy bottles, these spirits are for you!

We've broken down our list into four categories: Tequila, Whiskey, Vodka and wine. We hope this helps you adorn your Halloween Bar with all the Halloween themed alcohol bottles you need for your BOO-zy bash! 


Halloween Vodka Bottles

crystal head vodka

The luxurious black finish on the Onyx bottle is a reflection of the powerful warrior crystal it’s named after. The darker the stone, the more energy it holds. This unique vodka is crafted from premium Blue Weber agave and is sourced from a single farm in Mexico. There are notes of grass and white pepper on the nose. The flavor is soft and smooth with a touch of spice, citrus  and earthy agave. Regardless if you like the flavor, the skull itself is quite a display!

Crystal Head Vodka

Unlike other vodkas, Crystal Head views things differently. Their iconic skull shaped bottle is a symbol of life, reflection and enlightenment. Crystal Head has three products in their line. The first, the original, is crafted from locally sourced Canadian corn and is distilled four times. The taste is clean with a delicate touch of citrus and vanilla. 

A celebration of the aurora borealis, the Aurora comes in the beautifully colored, iridescent  rainbow glass skull head bottle and uses English wheat and pristine Newfoundland water. There are notes of peppercorn and anise followed by subtle floral hints and a touch of warming sweetness on the finish.

Original $49.99, Onyx $59.99,

Aurora $49.99      750 ml 40% ABV

skull tequila bottle

 Halloween Tequila Bottles

A delicious Tequila packaged for Halloween 

kah tequila

There are Blanco, Reposado and Añejo expressions that are all distilled from hand-harvested 100%blue Weber agave.The flavors range from the blanco with fresh, clean agave notes and cracked black pepper to the reposed with caramel and vanilla to the añejo with big hazelnut and coffee tones. 


KAH Tequila 

This whole tequila brand is dedicated to honoring Mexican traditions and culture and particularly Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead which falls on November 1st. This 3,000 year-old Meso-American holiday is a celebration of remembrance of deceased loved ones and the bottles themselves capture the tradition. The beautifully decorated ceramic bottles display traditional Nicaraguan Day of the Dead sugar skull art. 

KAH Tequila Blanco: $49 KAH Tequila Reposado: $59 KAH Tequila Añejo $69

Exotico Tequila

Available in blanco and reposado, the Exotico Tequila brand is a great bang for your buck. This 100% agave tequila from Jalisco has been crafted with exceptional taste at a very reasonable price point. And if you’re looking for an affordable tequila to have on Halloween display, the sugar skull on the label might just be exactly what you’re looking for! The blanco has bright citrus and herbal aromas with a nice pepper kick. The reposado’s taste is sprinkled with vanilla, oak and spice. The finish is pleasantly sweet with hints of caramel and cinnamon. 

Blanco $19.99 Reposado 32.99 750ml 40% ABV

exotic tequila

Tasty Sugar Skull Tequila at a great price!

padre tequila

Not so much a scary story behind this one, but it still gets two thumbs up from us.. and will look great on your spooky back bar Halloween night! The cap of the bottle itself is a skull head! 

Padre Azul Silver $69.99 Padre Azul Repsoado $79.99 Padre Azul Anejo $89.99

Skull Head Tequila Bottle

Padre Azul

A tequila born out of true love between a Mexican woman and and Austrian man Padre Azul has won countless awards and is a delicious premium 100% agave tequila. As the story goes, the two met at the university in Heidelberg, and realized it was not just a student romance. They would embark on a journey of new encounters, numerous long-distance flights and countless culture shocks. During his time in Mexico, Eder, co-counder, fell in love with Mexican culture and the emphasis they put on time with family and friends. During this time he also tasted real tequila and was baffled that he had not had anything like it back home. He and his wife Adriana set out to make their own premium tequila brand and bring it to Europe along with a glimpse into the Mexican way of life. 

skelly tequila

Best Skeleton Tequila to have on display this Halloween

Los Azulejos “Skelly” Tequila 

While this bottle is certainly eye catching, that’s not the only reason to serve it at your Halloween themed bash. The tequila inside is pretty awesome as well. This limited edition collector’s “Skelito” series is made at Destiladora del Valle de Tequila which is one of the highest volume distilleries in Mexico with close to 80 tequilas being made there. The series comes in three varieties, the ‘Priate bandana wrap’ blanco, the ‘Straw Hat’ reposado and the ‘Mariachi Hat’ añejo. *Price, vintage and availability may vary greatly by store.

Skelly Blanco $69.99 Skelly Reposado $79.99 Skelly Añejo $89.99

Los Siete Misterios Mezcal

Born from the mission to preserve traditions, passion, and culture of the Mezcal production, Los Siete Misters partners with families whose methods have been passed down through generations. You can taste the dedication in their spirits. Not to mention they are nicely packaged in black and white labels all featuring skeletons which make these smokey delights a perfect choice for your Halloween bash! They have 7 products available with their entry level Doba-Yej being their most popular. 

$46 750ml 44% ABV

siete misterios

There are two others in their collection, rumquila and vodquila both obviously a tequila and rum and tequila and vodka mixture respectively. 

$34.99 750 ml 40% ABV

Red Eye Louie

Well, purists’ heads might roll, you’ll just have to try this one for yourself! The bottle is eye catching in a matte black featuring a skull with red eyes. This beverage starts out as a rye and is then blended with a premium Mexican tequila. There are woody aromas from the oak with spicy white pepper, tobacco and hazelnut. This is the perfect conversation starter if nothing else!


Bravo Orange Curacao

With a bright green label sporting a creepy sugar skull, this curaçao was designed for the margarita and perfect for halloween. It is a mix of white rum, vodka and French brandy that is infused with dried orange peel, coriander, clove, hibiscus and vanilla. It is then finished with a rich turbinado simple syrup. This spirit won a Gold Medal 92 Points from the Beverage Tasting Institute. 

$29.99 750ml 35% ABV

Bravo Orange Curacao

*Though this is not a tequila, we added it into this section because it goes great with tequila-make a spooktacular margarita!

Halloween Whiskey Bottles

devils devil whiskey

Devil’s Devil

The latest release from American Outlaw, this sin-namon whiskey is distilled for boldness. The Devil’s Devil comes in at 33% or 66 proof and definitely brings the heat. Similar to Fireball, this is technically a liqueur but the label and name alone score points on our creepy meter. 

$17.99 750ml 33%

Sin Eater

Cinnamon Flavored Whiskey 

We’re big fans of this one and we should mention that it is a true whiskey infused with cinnamon that is 40% ABV or 80 proof. As legend has it, sin eaters were social outcasts who would absolve the souls of others by burdening their own by consuming a ritual feast off the deceased person’s body. Sin Eater Cinnamon Whiskey is smokey, spicy and delicious…absolution never tasted so good! But don’t worry, there’s no retribution for indulgence here. 

$16.99 750ml 40% ABV

sin eater whiskey

Wine Halloween Bottles

Stella rosa

Stella Rosa 

A sexy and seductive, sultry semi-sweet, semi-sparkling red blend packaged in a perfect Halloween sleeve displaying a sombrero sporting skeleton playing a guitar. The mysterious nature of this wine will draw you in and its flavor will have you pining for more! This juicy wine bursts with ripe blackberry, blueberry and raspberry flavors and pears great with blue cheese burgers, bratwurst and dark chocolate and Halloween fiestas! 

$10.97 750 ml 5% ABV

Odins Skull Dansk Mjød A/S - Nordic Honey Wine

Don’t let the words honey wine fool you. This mead comes to us from Denmark and is named after the most complex character of Norse Mythology. The one-eyed, long-bearded, spear wielding god who also fathered Thor. He was known as the master of inspiration and fury and this brew is intended to honor Odin’s name. Brewed with sour apple, hops and cinnamon, it can be enjoyed cold or warmed like a mulled wine. Its apple cider aromas and sweet honey and cinnamon flavors are just what we were craving this time of year. Oh and the name is scary enough to earn a spot at the halloween bar! 

oden's skull nordic honey wine

Blanco $19.99 Reposado 32.99 750ml 40% ABV

Viking Blood

Viking Blood

Another from Dansk Mjod because what’s creepier than serving viking blood? Not to mention , the viking thing is totally in right now. Regardless of the name, this fortified dessert wine is flavored with hibiscus and hops which result in a delicious, elegant citrusy flavor with delightful floral aromas. 


$27.99 750ml 19%