Father’s Day Gifts for Dads who Drink

Are you looking for a Father's Day gift that Dad will actually use? If your Dad likes to imbibe, and you're in search of something other than his favorite six-pack of beer this list of unique finds might be exactly what you're looking for!

Gifts for the DIY DAD

Cocktail Making Kit

Why we love it: These kits contain everything you need for your favorite cocktails except the liquor and ice. They come in 4, 6, or 10 packs and each box makes makes 3 to 6 cocktails. Did we mention they're also great for in-flights travel?

Who to get it for: This gift is great for the busy person who enjoys finer things.  Just pop a flavored cube in your glass with ice and add your favorite liquor. Boom! Your cocktail is served!

DIY Gin Flavoring 

Why we love it: This is such a fun idea. With endless variations, you can mix and match 12 exotic botanicals till you've perfected your perfect flavor. It's easy and insanely fun!

Who to get it for: Any gin enthusiast or cocktail creative will enjoy this gift as

Cocktail Smoke Gun

Why we love it: With this amazing smoke gun, dad will be serving up speakeasy style cocktails from home! Not only great for smoking his favorite whiskey or drink, this gun can be used on meat, cheese or really anything you want to add a smokey flavor to. It comes with 4 different flavored wood chips and you can also upgrade to the premium kit which comes with even more cool accessories! 

Who to get it for: The dad who wants to show off at his home bar. Also extremely popular among whiskey lovers!

Cocktail Smoker Kit

Why we love it: Just like the above, this kit allows you to add smoke flavor to your favorite cocktail. We especially like the simplicity of this one and that it comes with whiskey stones and a glass! It's ready to use and comes in oak or cherry wood.

Who to get it for: The beginner or pro home bartending dad. 

Father's Day Gifts for Wine Lovers

360° Crystal Wine Decanter

Why we love it: Any wine loving dad needs a decanter and this one looks super cool! It's made of lead-free crystal and is durable and easily cleanable. 

Who to get it for: Anyone who appreciates good wine and wants a statement piece to add to their home bar. 

360° Crystal Wine Decanter

Why we love it: Made from stainless steel, this insulated travel tumbler keeps beverages hot for up to 3 hours and cold for 9! Perfect for any beverage from coffee to cocktails to beer or wine! 

Who to get it for: The dad who likes golf! Or anyone who wants their beverage on the go to stay at the proper temperature!

Electric Wine Opener

Why we love it: The sleek design of course! And it does all the heavy lifting for you. Just pull the trigger and apply gentle pressure and voila! 

Who to get it for: The dad who likes cool gadgets!

Funny Gifts for Beer Drinkers

Craft Beer Tee Shirt

Why we love it: Hilarious, very comfortable, machine washable and 100% cotton.

Who to get it for: The dad who enjoys beer and has a great sense of humor!

Funny Coasters

Why we love it: Set of 8 absorbent ceramic coasters with cork bottoms that prevent your table from getting messed up. 

Who to get it for: The dad who takes pride in his home bar and enjoys a good laugh!

Beer & Whiskey Glasses

Why we love it: A unique and funny Father's Day gift that will have Dad laughing every time he reaches for his glass. 

Who to get it for: Any father who has kids and enjoys a drink!

Funny Bar Box Sign

Why we love it: Simple, sleek, rustic design that will be sure to keep Dad's friends in check. 

Who to get it for: Dads who have a home bar and entertain often.