Everything You Need For Your Halloween Cocktail Party

Bloody Halloween

Things you need for your boo-zy Halloween Party

We love this time of year and what's more fun than serving some seriously spooky cocktails? Quite possibly only the festive glassware you serve them in! Scroll down for some amazing shopping ideas to use for your Halloween Cocktail Party!

Cocktail Party Decor

Want to throw a party that will please the spirits living or dead? If you're planning on hosting a Halloween Party, here are a few easy things you can do to get your space ready for the freighting event! For your cocktail party, the first thing you should do is come up with a theme.. spooky, haunting, cute pumpkins, ghosts and gargoyles? Not everyone likes spook and gore, especially if there might be kids around. There are plenty of directions you can go from bone-chilling horror to adorable bats and charming cats.

Here are a few things you can do to get the effects you're looking for. 

  • Create "smoke" by dropping dry ice into a bucket of water
  • Set a color scheme ie, traditional black & orange or a more modern ghoulish green & purple
  • Light a bonfire if possible
  • Set the mood with lighting: try lighting lots of candles or lanterns. Black lights are also really fun!
  •  Play creepy music or soundtracks form your favorite scary movies
  •  Decorate according to your theme and color scheme
  • Turn your house, driveway, garage or backyard into a "haunted area"
  • Serve a signature cocktail that goes with your theme
  • Don't forget the cobwebs - you can never have too many!
  • Project your favorite scary movies onto a wall or backdrop
  • Use jack-o-lanterns whenever possible

Ok, now it's time to stock up on Halloween accessories. If you haven't decided on a theme yet, try browsing the section below for some ideas. With the big stuff out of the way, these display pieces will help add the smaller details and some will even certainly be conversation pieces!

Without further ado, here's our list of Halloween items that will certainly take your boo-zy bash to the next level!

Ghostly Glassware

Nothing says Halloween like drinking a blood red cocktail out of a creepy chalice garnished with candy eyeballs.  Whether you're sitting down to a series of scary movies or putting on a fabulous costume, you'll feel the spirit of halloween as you consume your favorite spirits from these glasses. 

Stainless Steel Wine Goblet

What else would you consume the blood of your enemies from?

Skeleton Wine Glass

A skeleton balancing a wine glass on it's head is the perfect way to sip your fermented grapes this Halloween! 

Skull Head Whiskey Glass

Frightful rocks glass to sip your favorite spooky spirit from!

Skeleton Hand Glass

We love the craftsmanship of these glasses with a stainless steel creepy hand base holding a beautiful wine glass! 

Ghouly Garnishes

Alright, you have everything you need... booze, recipes, costumes, decor. Not so fast! Garnishes are like accessories for cocktails.  While you're at it, be sure to stock up on candy fingers and eyeballs, gummy worms, Oreo cookies (crumbled for dirt) and get accessorizing! 

Skull Cocktail Skewers

The perfect garnish skewer for a frightful cocktail. Use these for cherries, olives, eyeballs or any other ghouly garnish you have!

Skull Ice Cubes

Keep your cocktails cool with these bone-chilling skull cubes!

Halloween Picks

These disposable picks are perfect for snacks or cocktail garnishes! 

Bat Sticker Decorations

These versatile stickers are great wall decals, but they also can be used on glassware, tables or anywhere else you're trying to decorate!


Disturbing Decanters

We love these liquor bottles and not just for halloween!  Add a statement bottle or set to your bar cart and be the envy of everyone at your party.  Decorative glasses are fun, functional and sure to strike conversation at your next gathering! 

Decanter Skull Shot Glass Set

This beautiful display comes with a decanter and shot glasses and is a pretty spooky way to serve your guests at your Halloween party!

Pistol Decanter Set

This stunning, 5 piece, hand-made, eco friendly decanter set is made with natural clay heated to 2200 degrees and comes with a wood stand.

Kraken Bottle

Take your Halloween bar to the next level by decanting your favorite spirit in this awesome kraken bottle!

Gold Skull Tequila Decanter

Another stunning, functional display piece perfect for Halloween or anytime if you just happen to like skulls!

Other Frightening Finds

Still need a few more ideas for your horrific holiday?  Serve punch from the skull of your enemy. And never drink from someone else's glass when you mark yours with one of these cute creepy cat charms!  There are endless items to make your party a smash! We hope some of these ideas help you create the event of your devilish dreams! 

Creepy Cat Drink Charms

A necessity for your Halloween bash! Attach one of these cute charms to your glass so you don't get it mixed up with someone else's! 

Skull & Crossbone Shaker

We are absolutely in love with this set and not just for Halloween! Stand out at your next soiree with this stainless steel shaker set etched with skulls and crossbones! 

Skull Candle Holder

Everyone loves candles - especially ones that melt and pour through eyes! These will make a great addition to your creepy cocktail bar!

Skull Punch Bowl & Spoon

Is there a better way to serve your subjects on Halloween than out of a skull? We didn't think so!

Never Ending Wine Bottle

Possibly our favorite from this entire collection, this wine bottle is obviously being poured by a ghost with magical powers! It tops our list for creepy bar gadgets and you definitely need one!  

Ghost Neon Sign

Neon signs adorn many bars and home bars around the world so we think this little guy would be a great light for your Halloween night!

Halloween Serving Cauldrons

These adorable cauldrons are the perfect vessels to hold any cocktail garnishes or food! 

Skeleton Table Cover

Keep you table clean and festive with this spirited table cover! 

We hope you've enjoyed this list! Did you find anything for your party? Let us know in the comments! 

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  1. Great ideas!!! Just ordered the never ending wine bottle… it’s going to be perfect for my ghost-themed party!!! Where can I find Halloween themed alcohol?

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