Dasani Water Price and Guide 2021

Introduction of Dasani Water

Coca Cola entered the foray of bottled water producers in response to its top rival, PepsiCo, creating the popular, moderately-priced option called Aquafina. It took eight years for Coca Cola to create its first water offering: Dasani.

Many who drink Dasani may be surprised to know that the product inside the bottle is simply tap water from the municipal water supply of the area where the bottling takes place.

Fortunately, Coca Cola does more than simply stick plastic bottles underneath the sink faucet. The company uses a filtration process to eliminate any residual contaminants. Reverse osmosis, an advanced filtration technique, removes any impurities that remain in the water after being treated by the local water authority.

Dasani now comes in a variety of sizes, and in both flat and flavored sparkling options. Bottled water has become popular enough that Dasani Water takes a prominent place in most Coca Cola branded beverage machines.

Dasani Water Prices

Dasani Water could be considered a mid-range option compared to other bottled waters. So, what makes it worth paying more for than any other bottle of water?

A Focus on Change

The discussion around plastics and their potential harm on the environment is becoming louder by the second. This is creating a scenario where companies must consider sustainability and responsible production when developing products.

Coca Cola has taken the initiative to work toward developing a more responsible plastic bottle. After meeting with experts from the recycling industry, Coca Cola settled on a 100% recyclable product. The cap, label, and bottle are all able to be processed by an average recycling center.

Taking it a step further, a product called PlantBottle is used to reduce the amount of environmentally unfriendly plastic included in the container. At least 30% of the bottle is comprised of plant-based plastic.

Dasani drinkers also notice that the bottle seems more flexible than other plastic water bottles. This is because the bottle is created to use less plastic overall, reducing the weight. A bottle that weighs less and uses less plastic is a step in the right direction toward reducing the overall carbon footprint of bottle production.

Dasani vs Other Coca Cola Waters

In 2007, Coca Cola made a major investment in Glacéau. After a 4.1 billion dollar deal, Coca Cola became the proud owner of two new water brands - Smartwater and Vitaminwater. 

This acquisition allowed Coca Cola to enter the premium bottled water realm with Smartwater and the sports drink world with Vitaminwater. Dasani quickly became the budget option in the Coca Cola water line.

Dasani vs Other Bottles

Dasani and Aquafina are direct competitors, given their spots as the simple bottled water option from two of the largest nonalcoholic beverage companies in the world. As you might imagine, their price points come are virtually identical.

For those looking for a more sophisticated bottle like the one produced by Voss Water or for a more pop culture friendly option like Fiji Water, they can expect to pay up to a dollar more for an equivalent size.

Common Dasani Water Prices List


Avg Price

Dasani Water 20 oz

$1.89 - $1.99

Dasani Water 12oz 8pack

$2.99 - $3.59

Dasani Water .5L 6pack

$3.29 - $3.99

Dasani Water .5L 24 pack

$4.99 - $5.99

Dasani Water .5L 32 pack

$7.29 - $8.59

Dasani Sparkling Lime 12oz 8pack

$3.59 - $4.28

Dasani Sparkling Berry 12oz 8pack

$3.59 - $4.28

Dasani Sparkling Black Cherry 12oz 8pack

$3.59 - $4.28

Dasani Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade 12oz 8pack

$3.59 - $4.28

Dasani Water Ingredients

Once Dasani finishes its reverse osmosis purification method, it does add minerals to the water including sodium (salt). Salt gets a bad rap for its role in hypertension but it can actually be beneficial to maintaining proper homeostasis in the body.

In any case, the number of minerals added to the water are a secret but the USDA and FDA do not even note them as a measurable impact to the daily diet of consumers. Simply put, Dasani water is a zero calorie product with minerals added for taste.

Dasani flavored sparkling waters add natural flavorings with minimal impact on the dietary content. The sparkling options do have slightly higher levels of sodium and a single gram of carbohydrates. No juices or sugars are used in the flavoring process.

Dasani Water has a pH of 5.6, making it slightly more acidic than plain purified water. The pH likely comes from the mineral content and does not impact the taste of the final product.

Type (20 oz)



Total Carbohydrates


Dasani Purified Water





Dasani Strawberry Flavored Water





Dasani Lemon Flavored Water





Dasani Sparkling water





Dasani Water ph: 5.6

Where Does Dasani Water Come From?

Dasani Water comes from many Coca Cola production facilities across the globe. As we learned earlier, the water inside Dasani bottles is simple tap water. Of course, Coca Cola diligently filters through a technology called reverse osmosis.

The water is then bottled and distributed alongside the myriad other Coca Cola products.